Testimonials | Xcel Energy Center


Saint Paul RiverCentre has set some aggressive sustainability goals, and its efforts along with Xcel Energy Center, Roy Wilkins Auditorium, and 317 On Rice Park, will raise the bar for other venues to follow.”
Chris Coleman, former Mayor, City of Saint Paul, MN 

The RiverCentre 50-50 in 2 campaign is an innovative program that should serve as an example to convention spaces nationwide. By creating a centralized campaign to reduce trash, increase recycling, and compost food waste - and by making it easy for fans and convention-goers to participate in this effort - the RiverCentre is making great strides toward helping Saint Paul become one of the most sustainable cities in the nation.”
Anne Hunt, Environmental Policy Director, City of Saint Paul 

I believe that Xcel Energy Center’s part in the recycling process is very bold and respectable. I am proud to have such a dedicated and environmentally aware group of individuals taking part in the future of our planet. It is my hope that other venues will follow the example that Xcel Energy Center is setting in the preservation of our planet’s resources.” 
Minnesota Wild Fan

I commend RiverCentre for taking leadership in prioritizing sustainability and taking the step to hire what appears to be a very capable consulting firm to facilitate progress. I was particularly impressed with the clever ways you have found to restructure operations, engage stakeholders in the process, and identify equipment and information strategies to meet the organization’s goals. It certainly looks like you are well poised to meet the 50-50 by 2 goal." 
Dan Donkers, Ramsey County Public Health

The (recycling) results and feedback are really impressive. Thank you and your team for assisting with the (Black Eyed Peas) tour and being an industry leader through your venue's commitment." 
Christopher Baumgartner, EFFECT Partners, Inc

I recently attended an event at Saint Paul RiverCentre and was astounded and pleased to see that you collect compost as well as several types of recycling. I was doubly impressed that the catering at this event used all compostable or ceramic dishes and silverware." 
Convention Attendee

Saitn Paul RiverCentre - Xcel Energy Center has demonstrated excellent progress in the reduction of environmental impacts and use of environmental efficiency practices.  The results of the Existing Building Site Assessment demonstrate your commitment to furthering sustainability practices for your facility.

Eric Truelove, Assessor, Green Globe Certification