Saint Paul RiverCentre Completes Lighting Upgrade, Reduces Energy Consumption | Xcel Energy Center
Nov 9, 2015

Saint Paul RiverCentre Completes Lighting Upgrade, Reduces Energy Consumption

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SAINT PAUL, Minn. – As part of their commitment to sustainability, officials from Saint Paul RiverCentre announced the facilities underwent another round of lighting upgrades this fall to incorporate LED technology into its operation. The projects were funded by the Saint Paul Port Authority’s Trillion BTU Program, a low-interest financing program that is dedicated to helping local businesses lower their energy costs and reduce energy consumption.

Saint Paul RiverCentre Skyway
In September 2015, LED lights replaced the original illuminated neon signs that have been affixed to both sides of the Saint Paul RiverCentre skyway since the building opened in 1998. 3M™ Envision™ Graphic Film, the latest in sustainable graphic materials, was also incorporated into the new design. The change in these signs will reduce the energy use by over 96% and will lower energy costs by an estimated $3,400 per year.

Saint Paul RiverCentre Exhibition Hall Lights
In August 2015, 371 new LED lights were replaced in Saint Paul RiverCentre’s Exhibition Halls. The LED lights put out a foot candle reading (common unit of measurement used to calculate adequate lighting levels) of 170, while the previous lights only emitted a reading of 52. Not only do the new lights dramatically increase the brightness and light quality of the space, but there is an expected energy savings of over $32,000 per year.