Recyling in a Unique Way | Xcel Energy Center
Apr 10, 2017

Recyling in a Unique Way

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Saint Paul RiverCentre and Xcel Energy Center consistently strive to be leaders in sustainability. The organization continually seeks opportunities that reduce the environmental impact of its operations and fulfills its mission and values.

So how do they get ready for Earth Day? By recycling in a really unique way!

The organization partnered with Paradox Farm – a sustainable goat farm in Ashby, MN – on a fun recycling project. The facilities’ brooms that were ‘ready for retirement’ were repurposed to create back scratchers for baby goats on the farm.

The facilities learned from the farm’s apprentice, Minnesota RollerGirl Norwegian Mafia (aka Holly Pearson), that goats love back, side and shoulder scratches. The farm had a couple of old broom heads mounted on the wall for the goats to scratch against, but were looking for as many more as they could find. Saint Paul RiverCentre and Xcel Energy Center were happy to give their well-used brooms a new home!

Click here to view the goats enjoying their new back scratchers.  

Goat pic.jpg