Dave Mulliner Honored as 2019 MSE Sustainability Hero | Xcel Energy Center
Apr 26, 2019

Dave Mulliner Honored as 2019 MSE Sustainability Hero

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Congratulations to the 2019 MSE Sustainability Hero – Saint Paul Arena Company Lead Engineer Dave Mulliner. Dave has been a tireless champion of energy efficiency at the Xcel Energy Center and Saint Paul RiverCentre complex - since long before the sustainability program even began.  He continuously monitors the complicated HVAC systems on campus, and he is quick to power down any areas when they aren’t needed.  He also closely monitors the maintenance of the various systems, to ensure everything stays running as effectively as possible. Dave has also worked with multiple outside companies to facilitate ongoing improvements in the buildings. The complex’s LEED certification would not have been possible without his assistance on the building recommissioning study and resulting upgrades, as well as the recalibration of all the buildings’ air handlers. This year, as the organization works on recertifying, Dave is there again to support the Indoor Air Quality survey.