Dave Matthews Band Leads Concert Industry in Sustainability | Xcel Energy Center
Jul 16, 2015

Dave Matthews Band Leads Concert Industry in Sustainability

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SAINT PAUL, MN – Dave Matthews Band has become known across music and environmental circles as a leader in philanthropic efforts and projects that support environmental protection. These efforts were evident on July 1, 2015, when the band played in front of over 14,000 fans at Xcel Energy Center.

Unique to Dave Matthews Band, a list of environmental requirements for the venue, along with an outline of a public-facing fan engagement program referred to as the Bama Green Eco-Village, was submitted prior to their arrival. The band’s desire to lessen their environmental footprint easily fit into Xcel Energy Center’s well-established sustainable operation and the band’s requirements were easily fulfilled, as well as expanded to include further sustainability data and fan engagement.

The venue was able to raise the bar on sustainability education through facts about the venue’s operation posted on concourse TV monitors for fans and backstage for the touring crew. Additionally, Xcel Energy Center offered to track results of the footprint left behind by the event. All waste from the event was collected and weighed. Below are the statistics from the waste footprint:

TOTAL WASTE:                                 13,200 lbs
Commingle (Cans/Bottles):                 5,110 lbs (38.7%)
Trash:                                                 3,888 lbs (29.5%)
Compost:                                            3,234 lbs (24.5%)
Cardboard:                                         968 lbs (7.3%)

*Click "Download PDF" below for a full copy of the Waste Report.

The band tours with the Bama Green Eco-Village that works with local environmental volunteer groups and engages with fans in the concourse of each venue to spread awareness about Dave Matthews Band’s vision of sustainability. While on tour, Dave Matthews Band participates in an ever-expanding greening program by eating locally, reducing waste and running on biodiesel. They've had the help of nearly 2,500 volunteers in collecting fan carbon offset donations, and more than 400,000 fans have participated in their carpooling program. Additionally, Dave Matthews Band is an official supporter of The Wilderness Society, which is dedicated to preserving America’s wilderness through action and public education.

To learn more about the band’s commitment to the environment, click here.