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2023 MSHSL Boys AA Hockey State Tournament Tickets

2023 MSHSL Boys AA Hockey State Tournament digital season tickets invoices were due October 7, 2022.  

Limited seating location change options will be available for 2023 MSHSL Boys AA Hockey State Tournament season ticket packages during Select-A-Seat. Please see additional details below under 'How do I participate in Select-A-Seat?'

Xcel Energy Center exclusively uses mobile entry for access to all ticketed events, including MSHSL tournaments. Mobile tickets are the safest, most convenient and most flexible way to receive and manage tickets.

How do I participate in Select-A-Seat?

  • To be eligible for the Select-A-Seat process, you must pay for your current seat locations by October 7, 2022.
  • Unpaid accounts will NOT be eligible for the Select-A-Seat process. Seat locations on unpaid accounts will be made available for the process.
  • The Select-A-Seat process will be conducted online only. The process will take place over a number of weeks in October and November. Your time will be based on your priority year. All paid accounts will receive an email indicating the date and time you will be eligible to participate in the process. That email will include detailed instructions on how this online process works.
  • You are not required to participate in the Select-A-Seat process if you are happy with your seat location. The Select-A-Seat process will be held approximately every three years as a result of high retention rates and low availability.


Please follow these easy steps to make your access run smoothly.

  1. Log in to My Wild Account on a desktop/laptop computer using your email address and password. Please note if you are logged in prior to your appointment window, you will not be able to see available inventory.
  2. Below your priority appointment countdown, select the Relocate Now button to be directed to the Virtual Venue powered by IO-media.
  3. Select the seats you are interested in potentially relocating to by selecting Exchange Seats, then select continue. Doing this step will not remove your current seats from your account. This step allows you to see available seats.
  4. Select 2023 MSHSL option to see available seats, then select continue.
  5. Use the navigation on the left-hand side or browse All Sections. Please note there is very limited inventory available for this process as the majority of MSHSL AA Boys Hockey season ticket holders renewed their seats.
  6. You can click on available seats that are of interest to you. Additional windows with a view of the ice will appear. If you want to exchange your current seats for new seats, select Add to Cart then continue to step 7 to move forward with this location. Note: At this point in the process, any seats in your cart are not confirmed as your new seats. New seats are confirmed once you complete the check-out process. If you do not see any available seats that are of interest to you, you can stop this process now and retain your current seats. No further action is required.
  7. After clicking Add to Cart, you will be brought to your shopping cart to review your current and new locations. If you want to exchange your current locations for your new locations, select Checkout to proceed.
  8. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, and selecting submit order, this completes the exchange of your seats. 



Click here to access My Wild Account. For any questions, please email mshsl@wild.com or call 651-726-8240.



  • There is very limited inventory available for this process as the majority of MSHSL AA Boys Hockey season ticket holders renewed their seats.
  • Limited mobility and ADA seating:
    • ADA platform seating is extremely limited as these locations were renewed by current ticket holders. 
    • Available ADA platform and companion seating is indicated as row WHL.
    • In the lower level, row 26 is the highest row in each section and is level with the concourse, meaning there are no stairs needed to access row 26 on the lower level.
    • On the club level sides, row 7 is the highest row in each section and is level with the concourse, meaning there are no stairs needed to access row 7 on the club level sides.
    • On the club level ends, row 6 is the highest row in each section and is level with the concourse, meaning there are no stairs needed to access row 6 on the club level sides.
  • Seats locations labeled RLS indicates a rail seat. These seats are located at the top of the section and are an assigned seat on a bar rail with a high back bar stool for seating.
  • Participating schools are given an allotment of seats in various locations throughout the arena.
    • School bands are seated in sections 109, 111, 122 and 124.

How do I access my digital ticket account to pay for my invoice, see my paid seats, participate in the upgrade process, etc.?

Xcel Energy Center uses the NHL Minnesota Wild ticketing software for MSHSL Boys AA Hockey State Tournament digital season tickets. While it is a Ticketmaster product, it is not Ticketmaster.com or the Ticketmaster app.


Access your tickets using this link: am.ticketmaster.com/wild. Your account can be accessed on a desktop browser or your phone's web browser, or you can download the NHL app and access tickets there as well. Learn more about using the NHL app here.


Once you have opened the web page in your browser:


1. Click Sign In located in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Enter your email and password.

3. If you do not know or have forgotten your password, click Sign In and Forgot Password? to reset it.

4. A reset password code will be emailed or texted to you from Ticketmaster.

5. After you are logged into your account, you will need to agree to the Terms of Use.

6. You need to be logged into your account to access your invoice.

7. Click Invoice located on the green menu bar at the top of the screen and follow the steps to complete payment for your tickets. Note: If you are using a mobile phone, the word Invoice may appear after clicking the three white menu bars in the top corner.


If you are unable to access your account, please contact the box office Monday - Friday from noon to 5 p.m. at 651-726-8240 or email mshsl@wild.com.


How do I transfer/change the name on my ticket account?

Account transfers/name changes are facilitated by the MSHSL per their MSHSL Handbook ownership change policy:

A ticket priority assigned to an individual is not transferable except to a member of the immediate family. An immediate family member is defined as a parent, sibling, child by blood, adoption or marriage, grandparent or grandchild. The MSHSL office must be notified in writing of the transfer.

Transfer is subject to evaluation and approval. 

To start this process, please email nmyers@mshsl.org.

How do I change the mailing address or email address for my ticket account?

If you need to update your account with a different email or mailing address, please email mshsl@wild.com from the current email address used for your account. Include your ticket account number, name on ticket account and former address/email with new address/email. You will be contacted by email once the change has been made.

How do I request ADA tickets?

The MSHSL Boys AA Hockey State Tournament has a very high rate of renewal each year and available changes to seat locations, including ADA seating, is extremely limited. At this time, please register your account with your current seat locations. Available inventory will be evaluated and every effort will be made to find a location that best accommodates ADA needs following decisions on tournament play.

Do children require a ticket for the Boys Hockey State Tournament?

Children younger than two (2) years of age do not require a ticket if held on the lap of an accompanying adult. Anyone two (2) years of age or older requires their own ticket for this event.

Email Communication

You will receive email communication regarding your MSHSL Boys AA Hockey State Tournament tickets from these email addresses. To ensure proper delivery, please add them to your address book or safe list.


Bag Policy

For enhanced safety and speed of entry, we encourage guests not to bring bags of any kind. Bags, purses and backpacks are not allowed. Clutch, wristlet and wallets sized 4" x 6" x 1.5" or smaller are allowed and subject to inspection.

Medical bags and diaper bags are allowed, however, they are required to pass through x-ray screening prior to entry. Guests with medical and diaper bags must enter the arena at Gate 1. Please allow extra time for entry.

Cashless Payment Only

Only credit card and mobile payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) are accepted for concessions, retail and parking transactions. Only credit card payment is accepted for box office transactions. Cash is not accepted.